Successfully reproduced The Shenma's MicroBT Whatsminer M20S new generation of computing power king - MicroBT Whatsminer | Official
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Successfully reproduced The Shenma’s MicroBT Whatsminer M20S new generation of computing power king

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The previous generation that is previous of power king “Shenma M10S” was released on September 18, 2018, at Shekou Hilton, Shenzhen, and attracted more than 600 participants. At that time, participants were still surprised and praised by the computing that is high of M10S. Reverberating in our ears also encourages us to move higher.

Today, in line with the culture that is corporate of “ingenuity, dedicated research, ultimate innovation, and visible success”, we have once again created miracles and brought a new generation of computing power to the industry “Shenma M20S”, with computing power as high as 68 TeraHsah/s , The power consumption ratio is as low as 48 W/T .

The birth of Shenma M20S:
2019.04.07 Chip arrives
2019.01.28 Chip TapeOut
2018.09.20 Chip R&D started
2019.04.08 M20 is born
2019.02.01 Hardware design completed
2018.10.20 Hardware design starts

With a solid and supply that is a reliable foundation and a solid R&D and testing capability, the chip will arrive in Shenzhen within 24 hours to complete the machine, praise!

Based on the extensive research and development of “full customization methodology”, the chip design from scratch was completed in 4 months, praise!

Strive for perfection, repeated verification, to ensure success, one-time tape-out success, praise!

1. A new generation of computing power king: Shenma M20S, computing power 68.4T, power consumption 48.45W/T

2. Back to the King: Shenma M21: computing power 30.5T, power consumption 58.75W/T

A new generation of computing power: Shenma M20S measured video

The M20S and M21 are the first measurements that are actual and their performance is already a benchmark in the industry. However, we are continuing to optimize and improve, and we are expected to go further in mass production. Please look forward to a better performance.

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