WhatsMiner Landed in Russia, Another Stop for the Global Tour - MicroBT Whatsminer | Official
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WhatsMiner Landed in Russia, Another Stop for the Global Tour

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On the afternoon of August 24th, Moscow time, WhatsMiner attended the Crypto Mining 2019 global tour for the Russia stop, which was successfully held in the beautiful city Moscow. The event was organized by WhatsMiner, F2Pool, and NERVOS. It was the first time for WhatsMiner to show up at the event in Russia and more details are as follows.

Guests had almost all arrived earlier than the event began. People started talking and the scene gradually became more and more lively.

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After the speech of F2Pool co-founder Wang Chun and F2Pool Global Business Director Thomas Heller, Wang Xin the marketing manager of WhatsMiner, introduced the company development and product history of MicroBT to the guests.

During the networking session, WhatsMiner M20s ran at the booth which attracted almost everyone’s attention.

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In the panel session, in the face of the upcoming block reward halving, Wang believed that it would only affect the price fluctuations for a short time, and would not affect the development of the futures industry. As the situation became more and more clear, the future industry would continue to develop at a high speed.

There was also a lucky draw in this event, specially for WhatsMiner M20s sponsored by the WhatsMiner. The following picture shows the lucky guest who won the award.

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This event brought together many mining enthusiasts in Russia, where they all discussed and exchanged the mining situation and new trends in China, Russia, and the world. We are glad that WhatsMiner had high attention and wonderful performance at the meeting.

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