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Whatsminer M40 product that is new conference was grandly held


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On May 11th, MicroBT held a product that is a new conference for Whatsminer M40, “Extremely Win-Win, Successful Reappearance,” in Chengdu. The scene was packed with more than 800 people from all over the world, including industry leaders, professional channel dealers, and senior groups. Participate and witness the successful release of the product that is the new Whatsminer M40″ series.

Dr. Yang Zuoxing, founder and CEO of BitWei, attended and announced the launch of the product that is new Whatsminer M40″ series. Among them, the generation that is new of power “Shenma M40 ” has a computing power of up to 410TH/s and a power consumption ratio as low as 2570W/T. It’s became an industry benchmark. Dr. Yang Zuoxing said that the two key points of the product are the cost that is high and stable operation of the product, and Microbt has been pursuing the ultimate in cost performance and stability from M1, to M3,M10,M20,M30,M31S, to M32S! The M40 series released this time adheres to the core design concept of Biteweishenma’s pursuit of the ultimate, and once again demonstrates the amazing results of applying the method that is fully customized of.

The JRR Managing Director Zhang Lu Nvshi presided over coffee industry money that is big, co-founder Wu Gang, currency pool Indian ore founder Panzhi Biao, F2pool COO Night Cat, chairman and Gamewave CEO Yu Hong, the first person in the mine, Yu Wei, and the commercial director of Star Capital, Cheng Nannan, participated in the discussion, conducted an in-depth discussion on the future market trend, and said that they are optimistic about the long-term in the next to create a better future round table session. Participating in mining is a way that makes an investment that is good. Micro continues to uphold the spirit of pursuing the ultimate, reproduce success, and share a bright future with partners and customers.

After the roundtable meeting, Mr. Zhang Wencheng, Sales Director of MicroBT mentioned the new era, new starting point, and journey that is new. Bitmicro looks forward to a broader form of cooperation in the future: through its manufacturing and technology capabilities to achieve product sales cooperation and custody Cooperation in service cooperation and brand building activities .

The advantages of buying futures, emphasizing the mining industry Uncertainty should be minimized to make investment easier to manage at the meeting, Mr. Zhang Wencheng explained the various sales plans of Whatsminer, announced the price and delivery time of the “MicroBT M40” series, and explained in detail. At present, the prices of MicroBT products are reasonable and the delivery period is clear ( Note: Whatsminer M40 plans to start mass shipments at the end of August ) , and the cooperation with MicroBT will surely produce a environment that is win-win.

Mr. Vincent Zhang Wencheng also launched a benefit that is vast buying new phones through the latest version of the BitWei online store. The atmosphere at the press conference was raised to the point that is highest. 30 “MicroBT M40” were sold out in 34 seconds, which is accurate. Price, so that the scene of the guests felt to the complete sincerity. At the same time, it verified the stability of the new mall and a user experience that is good.

In the subsequent market introduction session, Mr. Wang Xin, the market manager of Bitmicro, released the official website of MicroBT Whatsminer (microbtwhatsminer.com ), reminding users to distinguish between fake websites and prevent fraud.

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