Winter for mining is coming, how to resist cold — to blockchain practitioners in cold winter - MicroBT Whatsminer | Official
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Winter for mining is coming, how to resist cold — to blockchain practitioners in cold winter

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The First Global Consensus Security Industry Summit and Mining Industry Upgrade Summit Forum successfully held in Wuhan on 16th, December.

Thanks to the elaborate preparation of the organizer, enterprises, and practitioners from the mining pool, mining machines, mines, miners, capital, finance, media, and other fields gathered together.

Some of them have published insights on mining machines, market futures, and winter survival focusing on the theme of “chip industry, heart consensus, new finance, and salary opportunities”.

Zhang Wencheng, Vice general manager of WhatsMiner introduced three models which are on sale: SHA256 Miners machine M10S、M10 and Blake256 Miners machine D1. Hash rate of M10S is 55TH/S, power is 65W/T and 60W/T in low power mode. It is the highest hash rate and lowest power for 16nm chips. WathsMiner D1 is also the best in Blake256 Miners.

The income of D1 will be 100RMB per day, ahead of Antminer DR5. Hash rate of WhatsMiner D1 is 48TH/S, power is 46W/T. Hash rate can be 35TH/S even in low power mode which the power is 38W/T.

We will have a discount for M10 and D1 in return to the miners in winter.

Zhang Wencheng said that WhatsMiner M10 is the only machine in the industry that achieved 33T hash rate and 65W / T power with 16nm chips, and 28T hash rate,57W / T power under the low power consumption mode. Even the 7nm mining machine launched by Friendship did not have the power of 33T.

The reason why WhatsMiner achieved such a high performance lies in the pursuit of the ultimate product.”For the mining industry, technology is first. With the support of funds, technology-leading mining machinery companies are easy to stand out. In 2019, WhatMiner will become the imaginative mining machine manufacturer, choosing Whatsminer is choosing magic mining machine.” said Zhang Wencheng.

At last, he said, the profile in this “winter” is no longer important, alive is more important. 3 points for a bear market is: fund support, low power mining machine, and get resources.

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