Shenma D1 begins to accept reservations, get your stone that is stepping ready - MicroBT Whatsminer | Official
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Shenma D1 begins to accept reservations, get your stone that is stepping ready

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Just as Zhang Xiaoting, General deputy manager, said at the Chengdu Summit on October 14, 2018, “Success is visible, and we will never miss an appointment.” Today I want to tell everyone it and did it that we did. Having said so much, let’s take a look at the birth that is the entire of Shenma D1 and the actual running data. In 2018, the Shenma D1 chip was successfully taped out and returned to Shenzhen in November; Such as the propaganda that is early the circle of friends: the parameters of Shenma Blake256 server are 44T, 55W/T. Now, Bit Micro has indeed achieved beyond the propaganda data. Bit Micro has always been adhering to the concept of “extreme ingenuity and success that is visible to develop products, and refuses to make “PPT products”. Bit Micro has created the again that is ultimate made the success visible. The birth of Shenma D1 The first Shenma D1 was born on November 9, 2018, 28.5 hours after the chip arrived in Shenzhen. In 2018, the Shenma D1 chip officially entered research and development in June; In 2018, Shenma D1 chip tapeout september; 1. The chip arrives in Shenzhen and begins to check the chip pass rate. 2. There is no nagging problem with the chip detection, and start to enter the product for placement. 3. After finishing the solder paste, the PCB waits for the process that is next. 4. Place the chip on the PCB through automated equipment. 5. Checking whether there is a missing spot or welding that is missing. 6. The posted hash rate version comes out of the reflow welding equipment. 7. Assemble the radiator. 8. After installing the chassis, computing power version, fan, control board, and power supply in sequence, Shenma D1 was officially born. After the assembly is completed, it is not enough to prove we witness the “success is visible” together that we are successful, so let. For details, please consult our customer service staff or leave a message on the official WeChat account. We shall reply to your information in time. This time D1 will be issued in limited quantities to avoid soaring computing power to maintain the peaceful development of its ecology better. I know that some customers are worried that Shenma D1 will distribute a complete lot of goods at once, causing its computing power to skyrocket, increasing the difficulty of income, and causing most miners to have no income. We are also unwilling to do this thankless thing. It can be seen from the video that the operating that is current is 48.56T, the power consumption is 2211W, and the power consumption ratio has reached an astonishing 45.53W/T.  
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