MicroBT debuts brilliantly, SHA256 server continues to lead Miami Mining Summit. - MicroBT Whatsminer | Official
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MicroBT debuts brilliantly, SHA256 server continues to lead Miami Mining Summit.

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US time that is eastern July 24, M in ING Disrupt Conference ( MDC Miami Mining Summit) was successfully held in Miami, USA.

 Uphold the ultimate situation that is win-win the integrity of God comes to the fore horse at the meeting, the United F2pool, DJminer, Rawpool, Pangolin and many other partners to C bits debut audience, showcase the latest SHA256 server M 20S also outstanding performance to win the honored guests Highly recognized.

MicroBT has received rave reviews in the global prototype, and I believe that it will not disappoint everyone in the delivery link that customers are also concerned about. For the choice of product direction, MicroBT will first focus on the SHA256 server field while maintaining its position leading in the field of technology. As for cooperation in other areas, Shenma adheres to Ning Que’s principle not abuse, actively discusses fully with all partners, and will start after finding the best solution.

At this conference, world-renowned manufacturers, mining pools, cloud computing power, and other related services gathered together to discuss the future of the mining industry. In discussing the company’s advantages, technology development, experience summary, tariff impact, and open source, Microbt, which has experienced three years of development, has shown a mature operation model and demonstrated excellent development potential. This indicates that Microbt Whatsminer is very likely to become the market leader in this year’s development.

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